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Surviving Valentine’s Day After Divorce

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As we venture closer to February 14th, it’s hard to ignore the looming Valentine’s Day holiday: teddy bears line the shelves, groceries are stocked full of chocolates, and red, white and pink cards can be seen on display in most major department stores. But what do you do on Cupid’s holiday when you’re recently divorced? Here’s 3 tips on surviving V-Day after divorce.

Start with self-care

In years gone by, you’ve probably waited for your significant other to purchase you chocolates, take you on a nice date, or somehow sweep you off your feet on Valentine’s Day. Well, not anymore! While it can be hard not having someone by your side while love is in the air, use this time to treat yourself.

Self-care looks different for different people, and when it comes to Valentine’s Day you can make it as serious or silly as you like. If you truly wish to avoid the day, book yourself in for some alone time by setting aside time for reading or journaling, going to a massage, or having a long bath. If you’re able to see some humour in the situation, going on a shopping spree for the chocolates or flowers you’ve always wanted and buying them for yourself can be really cathartic.

Spend some time with your friends

While a group date might not be the best idea, a fun friend’s night out (or in) could be just what you need to keep your mind off things this month. Whether it be hitting the town for a few drinks, doing your best (or worst!) at karaoke, or having a fun movie night, spending some time with your mates is sure to lift your spirits, and theirs.

Another idea if you’re really in the mood to flip Valentine’s Day on its head is to host an anti-Valentine’s Day singles party! This can be a great way to poke fun at the holiday by either going all-out with an over-the-top Valentine’s theme, or doing something very opposite. Whatever it is, remember that having fun is a great way to avoid any negative feelings you may have during this time.

Focus on the kids

If you have children, Valentine’s Day can be a great opportunity to spend more time with them. I fondly remember “daddy-daughter dates” with my own father when I was younger, as well as “mummy-and-me time”. Taking your kids out for a special treat or to see a movie can be a fun way to interact with your kids, or you could opt for a stay-in jammie day with all your favourite snacks and a relaxed kids movie.

Remember, your children will likely be oblivious to the holiday, unless they are in their teens, so having mum or dad moping around won’t be fun for anyone. Instead, share the love with your kids and they’re sure to brighten up your day.

Valentine’s Day can be hard after divorce, but it can also be a fun and freeing time. Remember, life is what you make it – so go make it fun!  

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