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I have recently separated. Do i need to see a lawyer?

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Although you are not required to see a family lawyer, we would strongly recommend that anyone separating should receive some independent legal advice. You may have a friend or family member who has separated and shared with you how their matter resolved. However, every family is different. It is important that you receive your own independent, impartial advice about your specific circumstances.Seeing a lawyer does not mean that you and your former partner or spouse will have a battle in court. It is important to give yourself the opportunity to have a confidential discussion about any relevant issues, whether it be considering care arrangement for your children, how any agreements can be formalised, child support, spousal maintenance, considering the assets to be distributed and whether there are any assets and/or businesses which need to be valued and/or what your property settlement might look like. It may also be of assistance to consider any immediate issues that need to be addressed.

An experienced family lawyer can assist you in navigating your way through to resolving your matter. We can also assist you in identifying when other experts may be of assistance, such as accountants, financial advisers, psychologists, mediators, lawyers practising in other areas of law. In such circumstances we can work with these professionals to assist you in resolving your matter in an informed way. It is also important that you feel comfortable to discuss issues of concern with the family lawyer you engage. Separation is considered to be one of the most difficult times in a person’s life and as such it is important that you trust your adviser.

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