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I’ve been served with an intervention order. Can I still communicate my ex-partner in relation to property and children’s matters?

written by Catherine Farres
22 · 7 · 20

A family violence intervention order is granted to protect a person from another party following allegations of family violence. 

Generally, the intervention order (IVO) is granted to restrict the behaviour of the party who has been served with the intervention order.  If you have been served with an IVO it is a serious matter.  If you breach it’s conditions, whether inadvertent or accidental, you risk being charged with a criminal offence and if found guilty, the charge will be placed on your criminal record.  

It is very important to understand the terms and effect of an IVO. IVOs can restrict one party from attending a former joint home or workplace of the other party, the children’s school or creche. 

It can also restrict the means of communication between the protected person and the respondent.  For example, the provisions may provide that you can only communicate with the protected person regarding children’s issues (should the parties have children) and/or the means of communication ie via text message, email or by way of letter. 

If you have been served with an IVO, we recommend that you contact our team on 035536 9111 to obtain independent legal advice to ensure that you are fully aware of the effect of the IVO on you.  

Catherine Farres

Catherine is an associate family lawyer who is very much a key ambassador of anderson Family Lawyers. She is approachable, calm, understanding and empathetic to her client’s, individual circumstances and diverse needs.